From hook to sewing machine

I momentarily put down my hooks at the weekend to whip up an outfit using my sewing machine (and whilst the Singer pictured above does work, unfortunately it wasn't the one I used for this project). I'd wanted to take on a more meaty sewing challenge ever since I stepped out of my dress making... Continue Reading →


Crochet String Bag/Market Bag

I recently purchased a pattern for a crochet cotton vest top from Etsy, and when I was just one row in I had pretty much decided that I wasn't going to like the finished look. So I changed the pattern off the cuff and turned my vest top WIP into a cotton market bag -... Continue Reading →

Crochet Crop Jumper

I find making my own clothes so satisfying, and I’ve got so many ideas for new crochet patterns that I need to work up - but finding the time to experiment isn’t always that easy, especially with two little ones (and one big one) to look after. It feels more productive to know you’ll have... Continue Reading →

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