My Crochet Winter Wardrobe

I've become slightly obsessed with wearing clothes that I've made of late. This, combined with my standard wintry behaviour of staying snuggled up at home in the warm, has led me onto my most recent project; crochet jumper, slippers and bobble hat. Now, I probably won't wear the hat indoors, but it was such an... Continue Reading →

Crochet Heart Valentine’s Cards

I'm not one for really celebrating St. Valentine's Day, but it's a great excuse to make these super cute mini crochet hearts. They take a matter of minutes (1-2) to make and can be used to applique pretty much anything - hats, jumpers, cushions, blankets, etc. But I've used mine to decorate some handmade Valentine's... Continue Reading →

Crochet Star Bunting

This crochet star bunting is simple but effective. I think it’s ideal for a nursery or playroom! The free crochet pattern below tells you how to make a crochet star, which can be repeated many times to make up your bunting flags, or you can use it as an appliqué decoration on cushions, jumpers, blankets,... Continue Reading →

Children’s Chunky Crochet Jumper

This jumper pattern has been designed for 3-4 years but because of the pattern’s simplicity you can easily increase the number of rounds to adapt for larger sizes. I've been jotting down the pattern on the back of an envelope as I worked through the design, so hopefully I've not missed anything between feeding the... Continue Reading →

Children’s Chunky Crochet Hat

This hat has to be the easiest and quickest crochet hat you will ever make. I'm talking 15 minutes! (cue gasps). You'll need a super chunky weight yarn and a 12mm hook. I used a Lion Brand yarn in Wichita Tweed to match the jumper I made for my daughter. Free children's chunky crochet hat pattern:... Continue Reading →

Crochet Anchor

This crochet anchor makes a fab nautical decoration, and it takes hardly any time at all to create. Once finished you can use it to applique loads of things - such as a cushion, blanket, bag, jumper... the list of goodies waiting to be nautical-ified goes on. I used two 8 ply yarns together to... Continue Reading →

Crochet Star Cushion

I just love this cute crochet star cushion - I’ve also enjoyed making various decorations for it with my new neon orange yarn from Love Crochet, such as tassels, letters, and (my personal favourite) an anchor. I made the crochet star cushion in an afternoon so it’s a relatively quick project - and I think it... Continue Reading →

Crochet Beanie

The crochet beanie is really simple to make, so it’s a great project for beginners who want to show off their makes. Making your own hat is ideal because you can tailor it to get the perfect fit and style for your head. And you’ll be wearing a one of a kind! My favourite hat... Continue Reading →

Christmas Crochet Wreath

    Making this wreath was really easy and relatively quick, it’s also a nice relaxing project with it being so repetitive. To start you need a metal wreath frame (I buy mine from eBay - they’re really cheap), and a variety of green yarn. Choose one of the yarns to wrap around the two... Continue Reading →

Crochet Nautical Mobile

When I was pregnant with my second child I wanted to make something for the nursery, I started making an amigurumi octopus as a little keepsake, but I liked it so much I decided to turn it into more of a feature. The mobile consists of the large octopus as a centrepiece, with two smaller octopus... Continue Reading →

Nursery Crochet Mandala Rug

I've made two crochet mandala rugs for my children's bedrooms, one made from t-shirt yarn (pictured above) and one made from doubled up 4 ply wool (pictured further down in the post). The pattern is the same, but the effect is slightly different because t-shirt yarn is much thicker than the wool I used. The... Continue Reading →

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