Amigurumi Took Me By Surprise

I never really seek out amigurumi patterns or have much desire to make toys but a friend of mine asked me to make her this unicorn – and it’s really hard to say no to friends, isn’t it?!

The pattern is from Etsy and it’s by Stitch Witch Creations for around Β£5/6.

I wasn’t looking forward to making it at all, I’m not sure why – these types of projects just don’t interest me as much as home accessories or clothes. But to my surprise, just 2 rounds in I was ‘hooked’ and I absolutely fell in love with it!

The pattern itself is super easy to follow although it does miss out a few simple instructions like whether you should join a round or work seamlessly into the next, and how to finish certain body parts – so it’s definitely written for someone who’s familiar with crochet, but the most complex stitch is a back loop only double crochet – so it’s pretty damn easy.

I used yarn from my stash and already had a big bag of teddy stuffing so the only thing I needed to buy, other than the pattern, were the plastic 10mm eyes – which I got from eBay for about Β£1 – so it was a super cheap make.

My 3.5mm bamboo hook was perfect for this project and it’s given a lovely tight and structured stitch.

I switched up the colours from those used on the pattern because these were what I had available but I still think it looks fab. And my friend loves it too.

I’d definitely recommend the pattern, but it you want to be super nifty you could try and copy the basic shape from my step by step pics πŸ˜‰

Maybe this is the start of my amigurumi passion… let’s see.


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