My First Four Week Crochet Course

As much as I love running my one-off two/three hour crochet workshops, it can be tricky to really instil confidence in the craft and the learners ability in such a short amount of time – managing expectations plays a huge part of my introduction, and throughout the session.

So I’ve absolutely loved running my first four week course; each week we met for two hours to focus on a new pattern, and everyone was fantastic at continuing to practice up until the next two hour session the following week – so the progress was amazing.

And whilst the first week is a challenge for most of the learners because understandably there’s a lot of frustration when you can’t do something immediately, it was so satisfying to see the frustration turn into enjoyment as it all suddenly clicked into place, and then pride when they actually produce a finished article.

Each week we upped the ante and introduced a slightly more challenging pattern or stitch. Whilst we mostly worked with treble crochet patterns, on the final week I taught double crochet, half treble crochet, and double treble crochet.

Here are some of the fantastic projects made by the group already.

It’s also just been great getting to meet and chat with these lovely local women. Here’s to the next course and meeting some more lovely ladies (…unfortunately we don’t seem to be getting much interest from the men!).


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