Summer Crochet Tops

I’ve been trying out a couple of top patterns recently; some of my own design, and some from other designers.

I’ve worked on three that I’d happily wear out in public, so I’m sharing those with you today.

Each top was made with less that 100g of yarn, and I’m afraid to say I did use cheap yarn, so each top cost less that Β£1 each! It’s so cost effective, and you’ve got the added bonus of knowing the chances of bumping into anyone wearing the same clothes as you are going to be pretty damn slim!

Crochet vest top

The first is a simple vest top in a pale grey dk yarn – I made this pattern up as I went along and I’ve not made a note of the number of stitches or rounds I worked but here was my general thought process in rough note form…

To make this top I measured my hips and made a chain to that measurement using a 5mm hook. I joined the chain with a slip stitch to make a large ring.

I then worked treble crochets around with a 3.5mm hook, joined with a slip stitch, chained 2, and started again with my round of treble crochets.

I worked enough rounds to cover my middle from my hips to my waist and then I worked a couple of rows with 2tctog at each side to bring it in slightly and give it some shape (although I was still looking for a loose fit).

I then continued to work rows of treble crochet until I was happy that the vest covered the bulk of my top half.

For the neck line I worked half a round of treble crochet, stopped (at what would be the arm pit), chained 2, turned, worked 2tctog, and continued with half a round a treble crochet until I got to the other arm pit, I then worked 2tctog to end this round, chained 2 and turned. I repeated this pattern until I was happy that I had enough coverage over my top section, and then fastened off.

The straps are made from rows of 3 treble crochet, for around 30-35 rows. fasten off and attach each strap with a slip stitch or sew.Β Weave in loose ends.

Crochet bralette

The second top I made was following a pattern I found on Ravelry – and guess what, it’s a free pattern! You need an account to access patterns on Ravelry so I can’t link directly to it, but accounts are free to set up and it should be pretty easy to find if you set the filter to ‘crochet’, ‘tops’, ‘dk yarn’.

I loved working up this pattern as the overall effect is quite impressive but it was super easy to follow.

I used a dk yarn in a denim blue and a 3.5mm hook.

Crochet halter neck top


The third top I made was also one of my own patterns that I made up as I went along.

I used a black dk yarn and a 3.5mm hook.

I measured my waist and made a chain that was approximately 2/3rds of this measurement with a 5mm hook. I didn’t join the chain as the back is left open and tied like a corset.

Switching to my 3.5mm hook I worked a couple of rows of half treble crochets, chaining 2 and turning at the end of each row.

Once I’d worked two rounds of half treble crochet I chained 5, skipped a stitch and worked a double treble crochet in the next stitch, *chained 1, skipped a stitch, and worked a double treble crochet in the next stitch* around.

Once I’d finished my round of *double treble crochet, chain 1, skip a stitch* I went back to chaining 2 and working two rows of half treble crochet. I then repeated my single row of double treble crochets until I had enough length to cover my middle.

With every two rows of half treble crochet I started and ended the round with 2htrtog to bring the top in slightly at the waist.

I then worked solid rounds of half treble crochet to cover my chest area, working 2 lots of 2htrtog at the start and end of each row to give a more obvious decrease until I was happy that I would be suitably covered(!)

I finished by working a border of double crochet around the entire top to make the edges nice and smooth.

Two chains of 50 are attached to the neck line to tie around your neck and hold the top up.

A chain of 200 was made for the corset back. I fed the chain through one side and then the other until a nice criss-cross effect was made. Keep this pretty loose until you try the top on – otherwise it can be pretty tricky to shimmy into.


And there you have it – three super cost effective summer tops!



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