US vs. UK crochet terminology

The struggle is real.

I taught myself to crochet when I was on maternity leave with my first child, and it just so happened that the tutorials and patterns I chose to learn from used US crochet terminology. I didn’t even know there were different ways to describe the stitches I was making, and then I was faced with combatting the confusion that comes with having the same names for different types of stitches depending on which country you’re in!

Once I stumbled across the UK terminology I explored the differences and decided that US terminology made more sense to me. So now I read and write in US terms. BUT, as I’ve started teaching (in the UK) I’m having to train myself to use the right language – and it’s so hard!!!

I’ve just about got used to saying treble instead of double – but the real test will come in a few weeks when I start my regular workshops.

Wish me luck! Baby shower crochet workshop


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