Baby Shower Crochet Workshop

I held my first baby shower crochet workshop last weekend.

It was such a pleasure to teach Lucy, who is 32 weeks pregnant with her first child, her sisters, sister-in-law and niece how to crochet. Especially because we were all making granny squares for a blanket for Lucy’s new baby.

I love the idea that this lucky little boy will come into the world with a snuggly crochet blanket waiting for him, that the women in his family have made.

The baby shower started off with a lovely hot lunch made by the host, Tracey. We then got stuck straight in to learning.

I always take my large granny square blankets with me to workshops so learners can see what they could go on to make once they’ve acquired this skill, but it’s then really important to set expectations that they’ll probably only come away with a single small square from this session.

It’s always interesting to work with learners as they go through the different emotions when starting out; excitement at the prospect of learning a new skill, self doubt when you see the yarn and hook sat in front of you with no idea what to do with it, frustration when your yarn and hook just aren’t doing what you need them to do, enjoyment when you finally grasp it, and then pride when you sit back and admire your work. And I think there’s also a bit of relief when we finish as the learning process can be quite intense.

The shower ended with a brew and cupcakes, and plenty of smiles as everyone had made a perfectly formed granny square to contribute to the baby blanket.

It’s now my job to stitch these squares together (along with some others that I’ll make behind the scenes) and post the blanket back to Lucy within the next week, in plenty of time for baby’s arrival!

Granny square blanket

Thanks to the lovely Turner family for a wonderful afternoon, and for letting me take lots of pictures.

If you’d like to book a baby shower crochet workshop please get in touch.


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