My First Commission

I got my first order, how exciting! *shoulder shimmies around the house*

I thought I’d share with you the mandala crochet rug I made for my very first customer.


Made with Tek-Tek tshirt yarn (which I’d never used before) from the Tshirt Yarn Shop (where I’d never shopped before), and I have to say I was really pleased with both decisions; I will be shopping from this brand and store again.

I used my mandala crochet rug pattern that I’ve written about previously, and a 12mm hook.


The rug has a diameter of 77cm at the customers request and required pretty much two whole large rolls of tshirt yarn.


My customer had an idea of what colours she wanted the rug to be so I sent her some swatches in varying shades from different tshirt yarn brands and these are the ones she chose to compliment her room; a large roll of light mottled grey, and a large roll of dark midnight blue – the latter I’m actually in love with.


However, what I didn’t realise at the time of purchase is that the grey yarn is a ‘printed’ yarn, and the blue yarn is a ‘solid’ yarn – and whilst you can’t see much difference in the fabric textures when the rug is on the floor, you can feel the difference. The solid yarn is a lot smoother and far more elasticated – it also seems slightly chunkier (it actually reminded me of scuba fabric). Just something to be aware of for next time I suppose.


Anyway – the important bit! My customer is really happy with her rug, she even sent me this lovely message:

“Oh my goodness, it’s beautiful! Thank you so much for the lovely rug, I love it! It fits really well.”

It feels so rewarding to make something for someone and know that it’s now become a feature in their home, hopefully for many years to come.

Plus it’s nice to enjoy working with a pattern you love and know inside out.




Here’s hoping for many more orders!

If you’d like to enquire about an order please get in touch.


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