Crochet Garter

My very good friend is getting married and I wanted to make her a little keepsake to give to her on her hen party.

A crochet garter felt like a nice touch. And she loved it (or at least she said she did!).

Now she’s had her surprise I can share the pics and pattern!

Free Crochet Garter Pattern

First of all you need to know how big to make the garter so measure the circumference of the brides leg just above the knee (or for a less intrusive approach, ask them to measure their own thigh).

Step 1: make a chain to the length of the measured thigh circumference, count the number of stitches in your chain and round up to a multiple of 6, join with a sl st to make a ring, ensuring you don’t twist the chain

Step 2: ch 3 and dc in every st around, join with a sl st

Step 3: *skip 2 st and work 6 dc into the 3rd st, skip 2 st and join with a sl st* repeat around and fasten off

Step 4: join your yarn on the opposite side of the scalloped edge and work a round of sc, join with a sl st and fasten off. Weave in loose ends

Step 5: measure a length of lace or ribbon 15cm longer than the leg circumference, work the lace through every other dc – this gives your Garter elasticity and allows the Garter to be tightened slightly around the leg so it doesn’t slip

Step 6: take a length of pearl beading and weave it in and around the scalloped edging, fix ends together on the inside of the Garter with a hot glue gun

And there you have it, a lovely personal gift to help mark such a special occasion.


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