Crochet Heart Valentine’s Cards

I’m not one for really celebrating St. Valentine’s Day, but it’s a great excuse to make these super cute mini crochet hearts.

They take a matter of minutes (1-2) to make and can be used to applique pretty much anything – hats, jumpers, cushions, blankets, etc. But I’ve used mine to decorate some handmade Valentine’s Day cards.

I’m sharing the love so you can make your own; free crochet heart pattern below.

Crochet Heart Valentine's Cards
Crochet Heart Valentine’s Cards

Free crochet heart pattern:

*US terminology*

I used a dk yarn and 3.5mm hook.

Step 1: ch 4

Step 2: work 2 tc into the 1st ch st

Step 3: work 3 dc into the same 1st ch st

Step 4: ch 1

Step 5: work 1 tc into the same 1st ch st

Step 6: ch 1

Step 7: work 3 dc into the same 1st ch st

Step 8: work 2 tc into the same 1st ch st

Step 9: ch 3

Step 10: join your ch 3 with the same 1st ch that you’ve been working into with a sl st (make sure you make this st really tight)

Step 11: fasten off and weave in loose ends

Crochet Hearts
Crochet Hearts

You may have seen on my crochet anchor post the importance of blocking small or intricate crochet decorations, as they often curl at the edges – which spoils the finished effect. To get a nice crisp finish you can “block” the  piece to get it to flatten out and hold its shape.


How to block crochet:

  1. Wet your finished piece thoroughly with cold water. Do not twist or wring out the item, just gently press out any excess water
  2. Flatten out the crocheted item onto a blocking board (or any surface that you can pin into – I’ve used a small polystyrene square)
  3. Use dressmaking pins to hold the desired shape of the crocheted item against the board
  4. Leave it to completely dry out for 24 hours

When your crochet is dry take out the pins and your design should look and feel much crisper and retain its shape!

Blocking Crochet Hearts
Blocking Crochet Hearts

Now you know how to make crochet hearts you can choose what to do with them.

Making your Valentine’s Day cards:

Making these cards is pretty simple; you need some white card, a pencil, black acrylic paint and a fine paint brush, and a glue gun.

Step 1: cut your card down to a conventional card shape (otherwise finding a suitable envelope will give you a headache) – I opted for A5 folded in half to make A6


Crochet Hearts
Crochet Hearts

Step 2: decide on your design and lightly sketch it out using a pencil

Step 3: paint over your design with acrylic paint (now wasn’t a great time for me to develop shaky hands!)

Hand painting my Valentine's
Hand painting my Valentine’s card

Step 4: wait for the paint to dry and use a hot glue gun to secure your crochet heart into place

Crochet Heart Glue Gun
Glue down the crochet heart with a hot glue gun

Step 5: wait for the glue to dry… and you’re done.


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