Crochet Star Bunting

This crochet star bunting is simple but effective. I think it’s ideal for a nursery or playroom!

The free crochet pattern below tells you how to make a crochet star, which can be repeated many times to make up your bunting flags, or you can use it as an appliqué decoration on cushions, jumpers, blankets, etc.

Crochet cushion with star
Crochet cushion with star appliqué

Free crochet star bunting pattern:

*US terminology*

I used a standard dk yarn in two complimentary shades and a 3.5mm hook.

To start, ch 5 and join the ends with a sl st to make a ring.

Step 1: ch 2 (this counts as your first dc), and work a further 14 dc into the ring, join with a sl st (15)

Step 2: ch 5, work a sc into the 2nd ch from the hook

Step 3: work a hdc into the 3rd ch from the hook

Step 4: work a dc into the 4th ch from the hook

Step 5: work a tc into the 5th ch from the hook

Step 6: skip 2 st and join your first point to your inner circle with a sl st

Step 7: repeat steps 2-6 another 4 times until you have 5 points. After you’ve joined your final point with a sl st fasten off. Leave a tail to attach your star to your bunting string.


Repeat the pattern as many times as you like depending on how long you’d like your bunting.

Crochet stars
Crochet stars


Putting your bunting together:

Count your finished number of stars and multiply by 15, then add 15 – this is the number of chains you should make for your bunting string. For example, if I make 10 bunting stars I would need a chain of 165 min. (150 +15) to hang my stars to.

The bunting string is made by chaining your required number of stitches, make sure you leave a long tail at either side of the chain so you can double the tails over to make loops for hanging.

Count out 15 ch from one end of your string and use the loose end from the crochet star to attach it to your bunting string, repeat the process every 15 ch. trim all loose ends on your stars and weave in.

If you’d like a larger gap between stars just increase the number of chains in your bunting string, making sure to work in multiples of 10 (or how many stars you’re adding to your string) to ensure even spacing between each one.

Crochet star bunting
Crochet star bunting

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